24 June 2024


Many Russian business intelligence companies that provide information and analytical support for foreign investors exploit the fact that their clients don't read the Russian press and base their reports solely on publicly-available information.

Our analysis is conducted using legally available resources to reveal beneficial ownership structures, management track record and financial conduct, including methods of tax optimization.

Our experience to date has highlighted that the financial reputation of a given business is increasingly important for foreign investors. As a consequence, we also employ specialists with professional experience in finance and banking.

Our unique tailored approach allows us to assess each situation and determine the best gathering information strategy. Our relationships with our clients are based on mutual confidence and strict adherence to confidentiality.

We work with our clients to understand the nuances of the investigation and their needs. We agree the terms and deliverables for each assignment with our client in advance, and offer exceptional value for money. Our clients can contact us 24/7 for any additional questions and consultations.
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